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During the festival, a shuttle bus service will be available to foreigners.

*Bingeo or smelt is a small freshwater fish that lives in Korea’s reservoirs or lakes. It is one of the most popular species for winter fishing. In general, cooked bingeo is known for being light tasting and highly nutritious.



Opening ceremony
-Icefish fishing, Icefish sampling, Icefish food experience
-snow/ice sledding, ice football game, ice sliding, ice race walking, traditional folk games, etc.

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Inje Icefish festival


The Inje Icefish Festival, introduced by CNN Travel as one of the 50 beautiful places to visit in Korea, will take place from January, 2015 around Soyangho Lake near Injedaegyo Bridge in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do.

The festival’s major events include ice fishing, a smartphone video contest and catching fish at Soyanggang River. Other fun activities for visitors to enjoy include ice sledding, a trekking competition on Soyanggang Dulle-gil, soccer games on ice and more. 


One of the most interesting events of the festival is the cooking contest. Participants can prepare grilled or fried bingeo* and sample them after.